Suze Orman’s Debt Consolidation and Debt Review Tips

Suze Orman gives excellent tips on how to settle up with credit card companies. The alternative is to apply for debt review here. Ms. Orman is NOT affiliated with Eltman, Eltman and Cooper – she works as a f…

44 thoughts on “Suze Orman’s Debt Consolidation and Debt Review Tips

  1. living with debt is like following your own shadow…
    but if you focus on the good way, you recive the solution too..
    good video…

  2. Suze Orman has given some great advice in the past, and I agree with the
    general message of this post. However, one should be careful when selecting
    a company, and make certain that due diligence is performed before making a
    decision. Great video!!

  3. There is great information out there to help. I think we have all
    experienced this once in our lifetime. I just needed help doing my debt
    settlement. I found it took to much of my time and it was complicated. This
    place had good information..Debt Go Away dot org

  4. Not just are debt settlement firms risky (as they recommend you to trust
    your money with them), but it also harms your credit rating in the end.
    Charge off to your credit card debt sometimes occurs after 6 months.
    Furthermore, an appropriate settlement amount takes time to accrue, about
    six months or more. The charge off for your credit history also stays with
    your account for seven years.

  5. I owed about 6500 on 2 credit cards and my plan is to pay $300 per months
    and if I dont used my cards I should be debt free by March 2015!

  6. Trouble paying off your Credit Cards? Suze Orman has some good advice on
    settling yourself with the credit card companies.

  7. It is best to avoid getting into debt to begin with, but always pay douple
    the payment if you cannot afford to pay it off at the end of the month. Get
    an Amex charge card and not a credit card. Always pay with cash! If you
    have a high balance on your credit card, try to pay it off within 12 months
    or less and do not use it any more. Try to limit your self on what you can
    afford and always assume every day that you will be poor and think about
    before you charge.

  8. Hello Miss Oman, can you please let us know how many credit card companies
    tries to settle debts or entertain common peoples? They always create
    pressure on common people and tries to recover extra money from them. Among
    100 only a small ratio of 10-15 peoples are able to deal with credit card
    companies and get better settlements offers. But what about rest, due to
    this reason they file bankruptcy which they have never thought to do.

  9. I’ve learnt so much over the past few years. I’ve learnt to analyse every
    credit card statement for what banks are really charging compared to what I
    am actually paying. One bank allowed me to go over my credit card limit and
    didn’t decline the payment! I thought … wait… who’s managing my account

  10. I do debt collection for medical debt which is a whole new ball park people
    so please understand her tips which are great don’t work to well for
    medical debts : )

  11. 1) Make sure that you are in a settlement agreement, before writing the
    check. Just writing on the check “Paid” WILL NOT COVER YOU. Some banks will
    just cash it, some will refuse it 2) MOST banks will tell you they are not
    going to update the credit report as paid in full, why would they? They
    will also send you a 1099c for the IRS for claim of income if they bank
    waives more than 600 bucks. 4) Make sure you get the settlement
    documentation before you send money.

  12. As a debt collector we always advise people about their poss tax liability,
    but we also advise them of the 982b insolvency form. It’s a hardship form
    so they don’t have a tax liability. Most of the time just talking to
    collection agencies you can get great deals directly with them. I sometimes
    settle people for 25%, for example 21k balance and we took 6k to let them
    get it resolved. This is all dependant on what the creditor will allow,
    because they write off the difference.

  13. I understand that in life there are emergencies, and those emergency
    payments can run up credit cards, but let’s be honest, a majority of
    Americans are notin credit card debt because of that, but because they
    don’t think before they spend. Its enough to drive you up a friggin’ wall.

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  15. When you settle debt, as per this advice, the collection company or
    original creditor files the amount written off with the IRS. They send you
    a form 1099-C, which is the amount written off, that is considered INCOME
    by the IRS and you must pay taxes on that income. I got a surprise 1099-C,
    AFTER filing the years taxes and had to file an amendment and pay more
    money to the IRS for taxes on this income…

  16. She’s right about the mini-contract on the payment instrument. I actually
    use my own checks to occasionally (rarely!) settle with my clients’
    creditors. However, my mini-contract explicitly states that not only does
    this check fully settles the account, but that the creditor must REMOVE
    this account from my clients’ credit reports. Really, Suze you gotta cover
    all bases! (Red G., Credit Repair Specialist)

  17. the only debt worth having is student debt and a mortgage, any other debt
    is just plain stupid why is it that most Americans would look at $5,000 in
    savings as a deposit on a $25,000 car when they really should buy a bargain
    $5,000 used car?, I just don’t get it, if you borrow money then you should
    be made to pay it back in full whatever it takes if you want to be happy,
    then work hard to pay off your student & mortgage debt as soon as you can,
    and don’t buy useless crap in the mean time

  18. Don’t be so stupid. The credit companies sell off your outstanding debts to
    collection agencies and it starts all over again. These things can haunt
    you for 20 years. If they get a judgement then you can wind up with
    garnishments etc., depending on where you live. Either pay it, settle it,
    or go Chapter 7. Don’t let this crap ruin your life!

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